This is a Man's Toy

This is a Man's Toy
You gotta love those Savages !

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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Come Join in on the fun !

Hi, I go by the name "PeeBeMe" on & other sites as well !
I'm trying to share my videos & network with all Nitro R/c people. Lets help each other out by putting the word out and sharing our videos with the whole R/C world ! I also have a Facebook & Twitter account too. My Twitter is:
NiTroRCboYz!My FaceBook is :
I also can be reached at:
Here in Philadelphia,Pa I never knew that so many people were even into this hobby. I'm happy to know now !
Even if your not from Philadelphia,Pa we can still be R/C friends or maybe more. I think if your trying to start something in the R/C world you have to start somewhere? So this is where I'm starting at my friends. I learn more to the hobby each day. By networking with me or just becoming a friend we can share info & Tips that can help out alot.....
Heres some more links to join ! Join the Train Line Here

5th scale -vs- Other R/C's

I'm looking forward to buying a 5th scale.See'n one of my buddies 5th scale buggy, I wanted to know if they can go about the same speed as some of the 10th/8 th scale ones ? I never knew that a 5th scale buggy could do a wheelie. A lot of people say that the bigger R/C's go slower, but when I see them they look like they go at least 50mph? Can any body give me some info If they know any? I wanna know some of the names of these top 5th scale r/c's that can reach the speed of at least 50-60 mph..

Philadelphia R/C's & people never thought..............

Welcome to my World.......The r/c World !